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Trainee Program

The Ballet Melange Trainee Program provides a carefully structured curriculum to enable early career dancers to fulfill the ever increasing technical, physical, and artistic demands of the top national and international  professional companies. Our graduates and dancers have received contract offers and inquiries from professional companies all over the world.

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8/10 Audition Added!

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Tuition is $650 per month. All male dancers accepted into the program are eligible for a training stipend. Please contact us at for more information.


Audition Process

  • Acceptance to Ballet Melange full year program is by audition only.

  • We hold annual auditions in the months of March, April & August and year around by video. 

  • Mid year auditions are possible by appointment. Please call 303.500.3226 or email info@balletmelange.orgto arrange your audition day and time.

  • If auditioning in person is not possible, applicants must send an audition video. For information about the content of the video, please see our Video Audition Requirements.  Applicants may be asked to attend an interview and an in-person audition. 

Video Audition Requirements
The video should be 15 to 20 minutes in length and include the following elements:


  • Plié 

  • Battement tendu

  • Adagio 

  • Grand Battement


  • Adagio  

  • Battement tendu

  • Pirouettes 


  • Petite allegro

  • Grand Allegro 

Pointe (females):

  • Echappe

  • Pirouettes ​

Variations: (Either stage or studio)

  • Classical variation 

  • Contemporary piece

Junior Trainee Program

The Junior Trainee Program is for advanced Academy students in their last year or two of pre-professional studies who wish to introduce themself into the Trainee Program. Jr Trainees will take Trainee repertoire classes in addition to their full advanced Academy schedule. Junior Trainees have the opportunity to participate in Outreach and other Ballet Melange performances and projects. Junior Traiees are appointed by audition only. Tuition supplement is $200/month.

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