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Ballet Melange Performance Company

At Ballet Melange, we passionately embrace the world of dance, dedicated to cultivating creativity and excellence in performance. As a dynamic performance company, we captivate audiences with our innovative choreography and compelling productions.

Company Auditions

Audition Information

April 20, 2024 (last chance for company auditions!)

Ballet Melange / Classical Ballet Academy Studios

6740 East Hampden Ave, Denver

Second floor studio


Check in 1:30 pm

Audition: 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm


Audition fee: $20 (Waived for professional dancers auditioning for Company positions)


Please pre-register HERE

Audition Process

  • Acceptance to Ballet Melange Performance Company for 2024-2025 season by audition only.

  • Contract Company positions available for male and female dancers.

  • Contracts available for a seven month season: October through December and February through May 

  • The Ballet Melange season will consist of two major productions with additional smaller performances 

  • Candidates must be 18 years or older & should have strong classical and contemporary technique

  • We hold annual auditions in the months of March, April & August and year around by video. 

  • If auditioning in person is not possible, applicants may audition by video. For information about the content of the video, please see our Video Audition Requirements below.  Applicants may be asked to attend an interview and an in-person audition

  • Please bring your resume, a headshot, and a picture in first arabesque to the audition

Video Audition Requirements
The video should be 20 to 25 minutes in length and include ballet elements below as well as a video of a recent classical variation and a contemporary piece. 


  • Plié 

  • Battement tendu

  • Adagio 

  • Grand Battement


  • Adagio  

  • Battement tendu

  • Pirouettes 


  • Petite allegro

  • Grand Allegro 

Pointe (females):

  • Echappe

  • Pirouettes ​

Variations: (Either stage or studio)

  • Classical variation 

  • Contemporary piece

Ballet Melange 2 (Second Company)

At Ballet Melange, our Second Company program is tailored for accomplished dancers who stand at the threshold of a professional career, having successfully completed a rigorous trainee program, or for young aspiring dancers who have recently graduated from ballet or dance academies. We actively seek individuals aged 17 years and older with well-developed skills honed through dedicated training, ready to take the next step in their artistic journey. Second Company program runs mid-August through May. 

As Ballet Melange 2 program members, dancers receive complimentary, high-quality training in tandem with seasoned professionals, creating an enriching and collaborative learning environment. This unique opportunity not only refines their craft but also facilitates seamless integration into the professional ballet sphere. 

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