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Universal Ballet Competition

Congratulations for an amazing showing at our fist UBC competition. Ballet Melange trainees and CBA students had an amazing weekend of performing.

Best Classical Coaching

Elizabeth Shipiatsky, CBA & Ballet Melange

1st Place Senior Classical Ensemble

Echo, Ellie, Hana, Jordyn, Maya, Talia, Tea, Ryla, Weston

2nd Place Junior Classical Ensemble

Imree, Lucy, Naomi, Sarah, Silvia

Senior Competitive, Classical

1st Tea

7th Ellie

8th Hana

10th Echo

11th Weston

Senior Competitive, Contemporary

9th Tea

10th Ellie

12th Maya

15th Ryla

Junior Competitive, Classical

6th Sylvia

Junior Competitive, Contemporary

7th Syliva

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