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Ballet Melange Trainees make a mark at UBC Denver


Ballet Melange is honored to be named the school with Top Classical Coaching at the Denver Regional UBC semi-finals along with our official feeder Academy, Classical Ballet Academy. Our amazing faculty and dancers also received numerous awards and complements for their technique in classical and contemporary master classes over the three day weekend.

Group & Ensemble recognition:

1st place Small Group: Trainees Ellie & Echo

4th Place Small Group: CBA students Gabe & Sarah, and Junior Trainee Ryla

2nd Place Large Ensemble*

4th Place Large Ensemble*

6th Place Large Ensemble*

*Dancers of CBA & Ballet Melange

Soloist recognition:

Senior Classical

1st place - Trainee Tea

4th Place - Junior Trainee Sylvia

7th Place - Trainee Ellie

9th Place - Trainee Yu

Senior Contemporary

9th Place - Junior Trainee Ryla

10th Place - Trainee Ellie

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